About Us



Hello, my name is Maryann Nzioki Hult

Tabu Knits Boutique started as a labor of love for both knitting and fashion. My mother was an excellent knitter, and even now in her early eighties she is always creating something. I learned how to knit from her when I was nine. I then perfected the skill in my early teens. I was also fascinated with fabric and tailoring as a young girl. Mom was a teacher and always dressed fashionably going to work every day. I believe that is where my love for fashion began. My knitting interest did not last very long as school and other things got in the way. It wasn’t till later that I rekindled this passion which would later open this LIFETIME opportunity.

Being able to create products that other people loved and appreciated led me to opening a Tabu Knits, which later grew into a brick and motor store. Tabu Knits Boutique is best known for the hand knit Big Chunky Blankets and supper cozy knits which include babies and pet’s line. We also dominate the fashion world through carefully hand-picking pieces that speak directly to our target customers.

Having had a very stable career in the hospitality industry, and like many others after the Covid pandemic, I decided to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur full time. This has also created flexibility as a mother of two beautiful daughters.